Carrying out activities in the field of Hardware for 33 years, Ezber Hırdavat offers products from world-leader brands that are known around the globe in their respective fields.

Ezber Hırdavat closely monitors developing markets and improves its product portfolio within the frame of customer needs. The company continues to be the first choice of many national companies that are dominant in their respective markets, regarding the supply of; electronic and consumable materials that Wind Power Stations need, hardware products, screws, nuts and bearings, occupational safety materials and imported goods, in addition to the automotive industry to which it provides automotive service equipment and auxiliary parts.

Ezber Hırdavat closely follows contemporary technological developments in the industry; it has the infrastructure capable of analyzing developing markets

Ezber Hırdavat aspires for the leadership position of the industry. The fundamental philosophy behind achieving this goal connects favorable prices and on-time delivery, both of which is a trait as worthy as providing quality services, with idea of regarding customers as valuable business partners and of making a commitment.

In addition to placing an emphasis on quality management system projects, Ezber Hırdavat understands the significance of sustainable corporate management regarding occupational safety, social responsibility projects and environmental consciousness. Understanding the legal and standardized requirements of the industrial services that it provides to customers, and knowing the importance of the respect and care that should be shown to humanitarian values, Ezber Hırdavat is going to maintain this trust and recognition along with its quality services.     

Having received the certificates of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 in 2015, Ezber Hırdavat is going to provide services to its valuable customers by improving itself on customer and employee satisfaction, favorable prices and quality services; along with its reliable, fast, sustainable services and quality, qualified products, ever-growing product range and strong infrastructure.

Values – Quality Management

We perform at the highest level and standard with care and we closely monitor the advancements in our field.

Our company regards earning trust above all other merits. We believe that the most fundamental element of sustainable success and the most important value of our corporate culture is the trust that our employees, business partners, customers and society have placed upon us.

For all projects that we undertake and carry out as EZBER HIRDAVAT, we observe the effects of our activities on the environment at the maximum level and we assume full responsibility in taking all necessary precautions in order to minimize the potential negative effects of our activities.

We believe that customer satisfaction and trust is the most important priority.

We closely monitor innovations and we deliver the state of art solutions to our customers.

Mission & Vision

As Ezber Hırdavat, we believe that the success is directly proportionate to our customers trust.

● Achieving unconditional customer satisfaction,
● Maintaining quality at the highest level,
● Providing the best services with excellent products,
● Responding to customer requests on time.

Values that we believe in to become the solution partner of your choice: Responsibility, Industriousness, Care, Trust.


Progressing in light of its goals since the day it was founded, Ezber Hırdavat;

will continue to carry out its activities in order to become one of the leaders in its field by closely monitoring developments in the industry, becoming an innovative, sector-leading, customer-oriented,  company that does not compromises quality and contributes to national development.